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What is habittracker.travaglione.com about?

This website came about because I wanted an online habit tracker, which was flexible and fast. I searched around the internet for some time, however I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. The closest I came was joesgoals.com, which is a very cool, free website, however it did not have all the capabilities that I was looking for. Thus I decided to create my own habit tracker.

Bugs, comments, feedback

If anything on this website is not working the way you think it should, then please let me know. If you find this website useful, then please also let me know, or even better, let somebody else know!

Some background info

habittracker.travaglione.com uses the jQuery JavaScript library, the jQuery Datatables plugin, the jQuery UI datepicker, as well as Keith Wood's jQuery datepicker, the FamFamFam free icon library, the original website template design is one of Andreas Viklund's free xhtml/css website templates, and the database used is MySQL. The graphs are generated using SVGGraph.

Browser compatibility

habittracker.travaglione.com should work in FireFox 4+, it definitely WON'T work with IE7-, it kind of works in IE8, and there is a good chance that it will work in IE 9+. I have yet to test it in Chrome, Opera, and Safari, although as these are all reasonable browsers, I would expect the website to work with them. I am in the process of making the website mobile compilant.

Privacy statement

When you register with this website, you are asked to give an email address. This acts as an easy to remember username, and it needs to be an authentic email address, so that I can stop internet bots from attempting to mis-use the website. I will not give your email address to anyone. After you authentic your account you will not receive any emails from habittracker.travaglione.com, (unless there is some important change - such as the website going down, or moving or something). Your habits are stored in a database so that they can be displayed back to you, charted, graphed or exported by you. This data is your data, and will be kept private. If at any time you wish to delete your account, then simply let me know using the contact form.