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habittracker.travaglione.com is a simple, fast, flexible, 100% FREE website, which allows you to record any habit or activity that you would like, from where-ever you have access to the internet.

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Below is a working example of the habit tracker table. Simply click in a particular square in the table in order to add or modify content.

There are a number of different types of information that can be recorded. To see a brief explanation of each type, click on the help button.


Different ways of recording your habits

Sometimes you might like to record how many times you do something in a day, for example, if you are trying to quit smoking you might record how many cigarettes you have in a day. To do this you would use a "Tally" habit record. Sometimes you might like to record a bit more info, for example how far you rode your bike, or how long you spent studying - for these you would use a "Numeric" and a "Time" habit record. The various habit record types are described briefly below.

There are a set number in a day. For example, you may have three meals a day.
Clicking on a toggle cycles through the various possibilites. For example, each meal may either be empty, healthy, unhealthy, or skipped.
The tally for a day can be increased (clicking on the right side of the box) or decreased (clicking on the left side of the box).
The first time you click to increase a tally, it records a 0. For example, having 0 drinks in a day is different from simply not recording how many drinks you have.
Simply click to enter the desired numeric value.
Click to enter a time in hours, minutes and seconds. The time will be converted to the format hh:mm:ss. For example '3 hours, 23 minutes and 52 seconds' or '3h 23m 52s' or '3,23,52' would all be converted to 03:23:52. Tip: Just entering 15 is interpreted as 15 minutes, entering '15 45' is interpreted as 15 minutes 45 seconds.
Numeric & Time
Click on the top half of the box to enter a numeric value.
Click on the bottom half of the box to enter a time.
Click to enter any text that you would like, up to a maximum of 65,535 characters.
Click to enter any web address that you would like to record.

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To set up your own habits you need to register. Registration is quick and easy, you simply need a valid email address.

Once you have registered, you can create as many habits as you would like. You can also graph your habits, or simply view the data in a table. You can export all your data. You can set default values, and even choose the icons for the toggle and tally habits.